Something lost, something gained, and a light at the end of the Crawlspace

Something lost, something gained, and a light at the end of the Crawlspace

This week on the homestead we continued our mother-in-law house repair. We can finally see the light at the end of the crawlspace! However, to break things up a bit, I will share some other news. We have had sad and exciting happenings here while I have been stuck beneath a house.

Something Lost

About a week ago, Sarah and I were standing on the back porch just as the sun was setting. The chores were done and we were ready to relax! Suddenly we heard a chicken crying out from the woods. We had already locked the coop up so this was alarming and unexpected.

We donned our headlamps and headed out to look for the stray hen. After a quick search through the usual hiding places we came up empty. At this point we had to call it a night, it was dark and visibility was poor. Hopefully, all would be well in the morning.

The next day Sarah and the kids found the chicken dead only twenty feet from the back of the coop. We think it had dawdled going in for some reason and was found by a raccoon. Raccoons kill chickens on sight. This is only the third chicken we have lost to predators. That’s actually a pretty low loss rate from what we hear, but it still makes us sad to loose a creature from our care.

Something Gained

We have a Great Pyrenees named Nanook (polar bear in Inuit). He is a great dog and is a large part of why we don’t have predator problems. However, he is definitely bored and lonely most of the time since he lives outside. When we are out doing chores is the highlight of his day. He is the dog on the left in the following image.

Today a friend of ours brought over one of their Great Pyrenees, Bella (the dog on the right in the above picture). They have absolutely loved having her but sadly Bella and her sister (who they also own) do not get along. So, rather than letting the sisters fighting continue, our friends asked if we would like to have Bella on a trial basis. If Nanook and Bella get along then we keep Bella and they get to pick out a new puppy! (Neither dog is neutered and Bella is in heat….).

We are so excited to have Bella here to keep Nanook company and be part of our homestead!

A Light at the End of the Crawlspace

It does not look like we did not make much progress on the mother-in-law this week; but, we have rounded the corner and are on the home stretch. A pile a rotten lumber is the only visible change to the place.

Despite the lack of visible change, we put in a lot of hours. I spent almost all day Friday replacing joists. Friday night Keanu and I replaced the siding on one side of the house and started dropping it from the other.

On Saturday we started changing out the hardest joists to work on, but for part of the day, we had Forest’s help which was greatly appreciated. They are literally in a part of the floor where the only access is via army crawl. We could not even get up on our knees while working on the joists and spent the entire time on our bellies or backs. Below is our before and after photos for the weekend.

We also invented a new game! Is the tool I need under some part of my body or yours? It was amazing how often we ended up lying on top of the tools we had just put down!

Now the only joists left to do are the ones that fill in the hole in the floor. I’m going to gradually tackle those over the course of the week. Then we just have the sill plate and rim joists left… but I truly feel we have rounded the corner and can see the light at the end of the crawlspace!

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