Winter Bares its Teeth as we Prepare for Spring

This week winter decided to bare its teeth. We’ve had freezing rain, snow, and the coldest weather we have seen since we moved to Missouri. The cold has taken its toll on the homestead. Despite the winter bearing down though we have started to prepare for spring.

Little Kittens

With additional family and animals, moving onto the homestead there have been a lot of changes around here lately. For the most part, everyone and everything are integrating together well. The ducks and the chickens have gotten used to each other. Nanook and Bella, our Great Pyrenees, are getting along and seem to be the only ones not phased by the cold.

Bella and Nanook being unfazed by the cold.
Bella and Nanook being unfazed by the cold.

Sadly, not all is well. Our two barn kittens, Kali and Quasi, have been missing for over a week now. Their food bowl and bedding have gone untouched. They have vanished without a trace. We have a few theories but may never know what became of them. It is possible that they will still return one day. However, this cold subzero weather has done nothing to buoy our spirits and instead drives the cold harsh reality of loss home. Kali, Quasi, you are missed.

Solid footing at last

Despite the cold, we still made some progress on the mother-in-law house. Rather than work outside the structure though we decided to work in the slightly less chilly inside of the house. Technically, at this point, the house is structurally sound. We still have some work to do below the floor but it can wait till a warmer day.

Sarah and Keanu pulled the siding off the walls in the main room.
Sarah and Keanu pulled the siding off the walls in the main room.

Instead, Sarah recruited Keanu to help her pull the siding off the walls. She has never liked the way it looked and wants to paint the walls instead. With the trim and siding off, we then proceeded to lay down the subfloor. Most of the subfloor went in rather quickly. The last few pieces against the wall were a little tricky since we had to fit them around a few parts of the old floor. However, in the end, we had a solid floor to walk on again!

The subfloor is finished.
The subfloor is finally installed.

Prepare for spring by clearing and planting trees!

As part of our plans for the upcoming year there are still trees that need to be felled and a lot of downed trees that need to be cleaned up. Saturday morning, though cold, was also fairly calm. So I took the opportunity to take down two more trees that have been bugging me ever since we moved here. With them down I started cleaning up some of the trees that were down around the side of the house. Unfortunately I didn’t make it very far into that project before my chainsaw hit a rock that was hidden under one of the trees. However, it was still nice to start cleaning up my mess.

We also started some new tree seedlings. We’ve been storing apple, pear, cherry, mimosa, peach, and pawpaw tree seeds in the fridge for several months now. With spring coming soon though it was time to start waking them up and planting them out. This week we only got the apple seeds planted, in total, we planted 48 apple seeds. Some of them won’t make it but most of them are looking good so far.

48 baby apple trees.
48 new apple trees sprouting up after being planted to prepare for spring.

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  1. Yes, so sad about our kittens 😿. ❤️. We still leave an access to their food and bedding in the shop if they perhaps come back. The progress on the mother in law is coming along. The fun part of making it look pretty is coming! 🥳 And the apple trees are so cute. Here’s to hoping they all turn into trees! 🌳

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