Escaping the unusual temperature swing

Escaping the unusual temperature swing

This week has rocked the nation with an unusual temperature swing. When I wrote last week’s post the temperature was in the single digits and falling. Now it’s in the mid-40s with warmer weather fast approaching! However, people all over the south and midwest found themselves trapped in their homes (ourselves included) for most of a week. Thankfully, we had plenty to do to stave off cabin fever.

Our fowl, feathered, and furry friends

Despite the cold, we have had no animal fatalities this week. Though there have been animal shenanigans. First, the chickens. Between the cold and the snow, the chickens have not spent much time outside of their coop this week. We’ve had to bring feed inside the coop to them instead. However, there was one brave hen who thought she would brave the snow. Ultimately, she had to be rescued. From the tracks, this is what we think happened.

She hopped up on the stump next to the coop and flew 10 feet into untouched snow. She then touched down just long enough to realize her mistake and take off again. She next landed another 10 feet from the coop. Where she remained until we rescued her. We think her thoughts must have been something like this as she huddled into the snow:

Oogway "My time has come"
Oogway from Kung Fu Panda saying goodbye: “My time has come”.

The ducks have also spent more time in their house. However, the snow not only doesn’t bother them but they seem to enjoy it. Every day when we let them out they immediately found some fresh snow and take a snow bath. It has been one of the cutest sites of the cold snap and is somewhat baffling at the same time. The dogs also seem to be enjoying the cold and snow. Nanook especially. On the coldest days, we would find him as far from the house as his dog line allowed. Now that it is warming up he is hiding in the shadiest spot he can find. I guess we should not be surprised, he is after all a polar bear.

A joist in time

This week, on the warmer days, we also made progress on the mother-in-law house project. After another day and a half with a labor force that varied from just me to Forest, Keanu, and myself we have finished fixing the rim joists and sill plates! That’s right, no more days laying on our backs pulling and pushing on joists in cramped spaces, no more hours spent trying to wedge wood into tight gaps, and no more freezing cramped crawl space!

Well almost. We still need to put down a moister barrier between the ground and the subfloor, attach some tubing and wires to the new joists so they don’t lay on the ground, and replace the water heater. But all that will be pleasant in comparison to what we were doing.

The house still needs work. We still need to put up some dry wall, mud the dry wall, paint, put the flooring in, and replace the trim. Which will take time. However, we will be able to stand for most of that work, which will be a welcome relief.

What we need is more…

As things warm up we are preparing more and more for spring. As we have done our assessments we have realized we are short a few things still. First deficiency: snowmen! Thankfully Sarah and the kids worked hard on that this week:

One of many of Cora's snowmen.
One of many of Cora’s snowmen that she, Sarah, and River made this week.

More seriously though. We now have seed potatoes, thornless honey locust seeds, sweet potato slips, rhubarb, almond trees, and many flowers on the way. It is amazing to us that despite all the seeds we have we discovered we are missing some vital garden staples! Thankfully we have done an initial inventory and found the worst of the gaps.

We are really looking forward to starting and sharing this year’s garden experience with you all now that we have escaped the unusual temperature swing.

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  1. We love reading your post! I read them out loud to dad. 🙂 That’s quite the little snowman. Love you lots and lots.

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