State of the Homestead Address: 2022

State of the Homestead Address: 2022

The state of the homestead… it is a mess! Another year has come and gone and to be honest it was an odd one for us. We did not do lots of things we normally do. However, there were some unexpected benefits as well. So, before we look to what we hope 2022 will bring, let us look at where we are and some of how we got there.

Fly over of our homestead in January 2022. Music: Nordur (2019) by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

Accomplishments of 2021

Last year we started off with some lofty goals, which quickly got derailed by the first project on the list… the mother-in-law house. The project that was supposed to last a couple of weeks dragged on for a couple of months and burnt us out in a lot of ways. That being said here is what did get accomplished in 2022:

  • Mother-in-law home is livable (but not finished).
  • Acquired goats.
  • Acquired pigs.
  • Raised and butchered ~50 meat chickens.
  • Butchered a pig.
  • Moved our chicked coop.
  • Had some logs milled.
  • Cleared more of the view of our hollow.
  • Started clearing a second berry/fruit tree plot.
  • Had puppies.
  • Our pig had piglets.
  • Had ducklings (the ducks hatched out over a dozen).
  • Our chickens hatched out chicks (our chickens actually managed to hatch 2-3 of their eggs).
  • Rehomed some ducks.
  • Rehomed lots of chickens.
  • Converted part of the shop to a makeshift barn.
  • Reclaimed our woodshop.
  • My father built our cold room.
  • Started logging the forest (just harvesting mature timber, no clear cutting).
  • Dug 3 ponds.
  • Built a brood box and chicken tractor.
  • Had the goats and pigs start clearing brush.
  • Milled some of our trees into project lumber.
  • Planted a berry patch.
  • Acquired Guinea Fowl.

As long as that list is, I still can not help but feel like we have had an off-year. Likely that is because of the glaring lack of gardening on the list. We have never, never not gardened before, we did technically have a few things going but we got scanty harvests from our scanty and neglected planting. To not have a thriving garden to work on and harvest during the year overshadows the accomplishments with a glaring failure. But, we live, we learn, and the next planting season is just a few months away. Hopefully this year we will do better.

State of the Homestead 2022

At this point in time our homestead consists of:

  • 22 chickens (20 layers and 2 roosters).
  • 6 ducks (we lost track of genders with all the new ones that hatched).
  • 7 pigs.
  • 2 goats.
  • 3 dogs.
  • 3 ponds.
  • 14 fruit trees.
  • 6 sugar maples.
  • 6 cats.
  • Roughly 4000 square feet of garden space.
  • 13 guinea fowl.

Plans for 2022

After our lofty goals of last year went rather sideways, we are trying to set some more realistic goals for the upcoming year. There is still so much to do and we will make progress on our little homestead one way or another, but the most important goals are these:

  • Have the pigs clear the garden of grass/shrubs.
  • Plant out the new berry/fruit patch.
  • Build a chicken run.
  • Frame in more of the basement.
  • Get another male pig.
  • Bread the goats.
  • Build bee boxes.
  • Catch wilde bees.
  • Go nuts with the garden.
  • Put up some permanent fencing for goats/dogs.
  • Start working on the outdoor kitchen.
  • Finish the exterior of the mother-in-law house.
  • Post here at least monthly but I hope to post weekly.

It’s nowhere near as lengthy as the list from last year. However, many items on this list will still be a bit of a stretch for us. I do hope to do better this year than last posting updates here. After the stressful spring, it was hard to get back into the swing of it. However, I hope to do better at sharing our adventures with you as this year progresses.

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  1. I loved the short video footage! And I’m so glad we get to start a new year together and be more congruent in our efforts. That’s my hopes! It’ll be a blast either way. 🎉 ❤️

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