Spring Cleaning Surge and Planting a Beautiful Food Plot

Spring is officially here! Spring brings a certain energy with it. Everything starts growing and looking fresh and new! So, naturally, we end up cleaning too! On the homestead spring brings exciting developments as well. This week we started planting a beautiful food plot right outside our front door!

Cleaning up the Lime Explosion

A week or two ago our children decided to play in our bulk bag of hydrated lime. Lessons were learned by all. The children were banned from the basement until we could clean the mess and secure the remaining lime.

This week, as part of our spring cleaning, I tackled that. I took precautions. I wore gloves and a face mask. Even so it was unpleasant to clean up the fine powder. However, the mess is gone. Removing the mess took several rounds of dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping but I managed.

The lime is also now secured in 3 food grade buckets. They are gorilla taped shut. There will be no more “accidental” spilling and playing with that stuff!

Planting the Swales to make a Beautiful Food Plot

Last week we made a fairly major milestone on our homestead. We dug our swales! With the swales dug and spring here it is time to plant! Between some bulk orders to MDC and Krieger’s nursery plus smaller orders to several other tree and shrub nurseries we have roughly 600 bare root trees and shrubs that will need to be planted this year. So far only the MDC and Krieger’s orders have arrived. However, they still account for roughly 450 of those plants!

Our friend, Miranda, planting bare root plants.
Our friend, Miranda, helping us plant bare root plants into the swales.

The important thing with bare root plants is to get them in the ground! So, with the help of some friends, we started doing just that. The swales are now planted with a few Paw-Paw, mulberry, and wild plum trees in addition to blue berries, black berries, elder berries, currants, false indigo, gooseberries, witch hazel, and spice bush.

I still need to go through and mix in some strawberries as well as a whole myriad of perennial flowers and ground covers. We are also missing the linden tree, persimmon tree and rose bushes that need to go into the mix. But this is a good and great start. We can hardly wait to see how things come in produce a beautiful food plot that will provide for us for years!

Swales planted with bare root plants.
The swales planted with bare root plants and weed barriers.

Building an Herb Garden

Since we had some extra help this weekend we also got started on another project that has been on our bucket list for nearly two years! An herb garden against the back of the house. There is a cement retaining wall in place there followed by a decent little hill. Our dream has always been to use the extremely abundant rocks on our property to build up a raised bed there.

Our sudo-cousin and amazing helper Angel came to help with this on Saturday. She moved rocks, with occasional help, mixed and applied cement to secure loose fits and was overall a powerhouse. She got us a great start to a difficult project!

With the aid of a different cousin, Ginger, Sarah also got a lot of seedlings started this week. With any luck I will be able to finish what Angel started in time to plant the herbs into their new home!

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