An Overhead View, Bulking Up Surge, and Latest Garden Planting

This weeks chores got waylaid somewhat by a trip out of town. We took the opportunity to bulk up on some shopping though. We also did some additional work in the garden and took a birds eye view at our homestead. Come take a look at our latest garden planting.

Bulk Shopping Trip

Since we ended up going to the big city (St. Louis) this weekend (we took Sarah’s Mom to the airport). We also decided to visit a store we don’t have locally and bulk up on some things. That store, Costco, and after 2 agonizing hours we managed to find everything we think we need for the next while.

Costco Wholsale
Costco Photo by Omar Abascal on Unsplash

Unfortunately, we do not yet have a perfect system for tracking what we use of certain items over the course of the year. We are working on it but it takes some time to map it all out. However, we do believe we have close to a year supply of most of our non-consumable needs. Once we know for sure we may share what a year supply of paper and hygiene products looks like for us.

Latest Garden Planting

Despite loosing a day to the big city we still pressed on with planting during our spare moments at home. Most of the planting this week took place in the swales and berry patch. We planted 75 Strawberries, 20 Blueberries, 12 Black Berries, 6 Currants, 10 Gooseberries, and 6 Grapes. We still have 4 more grapes to plant, they will go in the herb garden that is still under construction. However, that mostly took care of our berry order from Krieger’s nursery.

Strawberry plant in berry patch
Strawberry plant in berry patch.

Meanwhile, in the garden. We are still working on getting the beds shaped and pulling little tufts of grass out that the pigs missed. However, we did manage to get enough done to plant our peas. We planted around 40′ worth of peas and are looking forward to chowing down on them in the near future.

Spring Overhead view

It is always good to look at how things change in time. Each season brings it’s own changes, and each project changes the landscape around here as well. To continue to document the changes and the development of our homestead here is another fly over, with a comparison to the fly over from January so we can all see how the place is changing.

Fly over of our homestead followed by a comparison to the fly over in January. Things have changed in the last three months!

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