Our Story

Greetings from us, the Morgans. We’ve been married for 5 years and have 2 beautiful children. We’re just starting our homesteading adventure here on the Peace Tree Homestead.

About Us:

Sarah is originally from Louisiana but has lived in many places. She’s a free spirit who loves healing, connecting, making things, and being a wife and mother.

Spencer was born and raised in Alaska. He’s a total nerd who also loves science, books, being a husband, daddy, the outdoors and connecting with nature.

For most of our marriage, we’ve lived in Utah so Spencer could finish his formal education. While there, our family was joined first by our daughter Cora, and then by our son River.

While in Utah we started learning about and experimenting with gardening, permaculture, more wholesome, mindful, and sustainable living. Now we’re trying to put what we’ve learned and dreamt about into practice here in Missouri.

Ya’ll, we believe in self reliance, strengthening home and family, community, service, being good stewards of the land, and seeking after the good things of God. We want to change the way we eat, breathe, live, and work. We were lead to our destination by inspiration and we know that we are being molded to become our best selves so that we can be our best selves. 

A few of our dreams are to grow or care for most, if not all, of our food and medicine. We also want to homeschool our children. 

What motivates us is personal growth, living our dreams, knowledge, and self reliance. We also want to give our children a great foundation and memories to give them strength and comfort during the good and hard times of life. 

So, come on over, be our guests, and share in our journey on the Peace Tree homestead!